Teachers possess many skills and attributes that are very beneficial in transitioning to a successful real estate career. Here are just a few and we are sure you will agree!

1) Fantastic Relationship Skills

  • Able to relate to people of all levels, backgrounds, and personalities.

2) Dedicated To Helping Others Accomplish Goals

  • Helping students pass their grade level is a perfect example – very parallel to helping buyers and sellers.

3) Excellent Consultative and Listening Skills

  • Discovering the needs of each individual student and then guiding those needs. This is critical in working with buyers and sellers.

4) Results-driven

  • Seeing the difference they make in their students' learning and development is what inspire teachers. Working with buyers and sellers will be the same type of inspiration, as well as the sense of accomplishment from a job well done.

5) Presentation Skills

  • Everyday teachers are "on stage" with their students - these skills are a dynamic asset in making buyer and seller presentations.

6) Knowledge Conveyance Builds Trust and Confidence

  • Teachers convey knowledge, and must know their subject matter in order to do so. Educating buyers and sellers is a critical part of gaining their confidence and helping them to be comfortable with the buying or selling process.

7) Multi-tasking

  • Teaching requires the ability to focus on multiple tasks – a definite asset for a real estate career as it is a multi-faceted process to be successful.

8) Time Management

  • Each day has topics and tasks that must be accomplished – established lesson plans and timelines. Real estate requires the same type of planning and execution.

9) Continuing Education and Development

  • Teachers understand the value of education and self-development and will seek the same from their real estate career.

10) Tenacity and Situational Management

  • Teachers do not get easily discouraged by adverse or difficult situations and they have learned how to manage them. A great attribute for handling real estate transactions and customers/clients.